Support me

It’s not always easy for artists out there, especially for those starting out. Speaking for myself, I’m always sincerely grateful for any help, push or shove I can get when it comes to supporting my creative lifestyle & career.

Here is how you can do that. Ready?


Sharing is caring

Supporting someone doesn’t exclusively mean throwing money at them (though, not going to lie, I won’t complain if you do); if you’re unwilling or unable to financially support your favourite creatives but are determined to play a decisive role in their ascent to stardom (too much?), just showing that you’re there as a loyal and supportive viewer/admirer is more than enough.
When I see someone sharing my work or receive a kind comment on one of my posts, it means the world to me and I feel like I’m doing something right. I could be having the worst day and/or be riddle with self doubt in regards to my life decisions (art can be pain sometimes) and the support from my followers is what brings me back to fighter mode so, keep doing what you do and know how deeply grateful I am for it!



If you do decide that you’re ready to invest into IkuTree (thank you kindly), here are some links for you to do so:

Ko-Fi (Anyone who clicks this link can support me with a with a 'coffee' (a small payment that is roughly equal to the price of a coffee))

Patreon (Under Construction)

Twitch Donation (I (try to) stream every single week so that I can chat with you guys while I draw. Whether I’m live or not, donations are always open (and greatly appreciated))